Status Update

Our main focus over the past few months has been on bug fixes and minor feature enhancements. The beta period has been going well and we have over 1,000 users registered and using our free service! So thank you to everyone for that!

We’ve also received quite a few emails requesting new features. While the time of our developers are limited, we are adding a few popular ideas to the backlog which we hope to complete over the next several months:

  • News/headline ticker (via RSS feeds)
  • Custom text banner
  • Internationalization and additional language support

Don’t forget, DAKboard is currently a free service and takes time and money to keep up and running. If you feel inclined please spread the word by sharing on social media!

Thanks for all your support, kind words, and keep those great ideas coming!

7 thoughts on “Status Update

    1. Hi Ron, the “weather warning” box was recently fixed. It existed about a year ago but then ran into problems and was not working. This only works with WeatherUnderground and you wont see the warnings using Yahoo Weather.

  1. I have setup my DAK board to use Dropbox for pictures and that is awesome thank you. However, like many others I use an Iphone to capture most of my images. Thanks to Apple the orientation is not saved in the picture, only in the Exif data. Is there anyway you can start to read that data? Many of my pics are upside down or sideways due to this.
    Thanks for the consideration.

  2. My DAK has been showing “Yahoo! weather temporarily unavailable” for the last two days. Any one know how to fix?

    1. Unfortunately, Yahoo has discontinued their weather API. We have added OpenWeatherMap as a new weather option to use on the Free plan. Please give that a try and let us know if you run into any issues. Thanks.

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