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DAKboard’s Smallest CPU, New Touch Functions, and More!

CPU Mini: Petite and Affordable

Our new CPU Mini is compact and budget-friendly, so you can have DAKboard at your home or office for less than $100! The mini weighs just over 1oz and fits in the palm of your hand so it can be discreetly plugged in the back of your TV or monitor. This low-power, WiFi only CPU is a great option for those looking to support their basic, organizational needs like syncing calendars, photos and todo lists.

Track Precipitation

precipitation weather

Want to know how much rain or snow to expect in your area? In your weather blocks, you can now toggle on the option to track the amount of precipitation predicted.

Undo Button for Screen Editing

undo button

If you’ve ever accidentally moved a block out of place, you can now easily move it back with the click of a button! Newly added Undo/Redo buttons at the top of your screen editor page now let you quickly go backward or forward with block adjustments you’ve made over time.

Touchscreen Support for Home Assistant & SmartThings

ha touchscreen gfx

Control your smart home appliances with the tap of your finger! Home Assistant and SmartThings users can use their touchscreen DAKboard to flip lights and switches on and off remotely.

Other Recent Enhancements

  • Now you can select any number of Google photo albums or all of your Google albums to cycle through at random.
  • With touchscreen supported devices, when enabled, you can manually advance through photos by tapping the screen.
  • Looking for an extra level of security? Add an optional password layer on your DAKboard Screen URLs when using a touchscreen or mouse and keyboard. More details here.
  • To help improve reliability of Apple Photo integrations, we will now timeout their connection after a longer duration.


We hope you find this functionality in DAKboard useful. As always, feel free to comment below, or contact us through our support site with any questions or feedback.

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