DIY Wall Display

Follow our instructions below to create a beautiful wall display for your photos, calendar, news and weather, powered by a Raspberry Pi! Not into DIY? Check out the shop to purchase the 24-inch wall display! Things You’ll Need Monitor with HDMI input (preferably an IPS panel!) (roughly $200, depending on size) Short HDMI cable (1 foot is perfect, … Continue reading DIY Wall Display

Custom Themes, Multiple Accounts and More in our Professional and Enterprise Plans

Our June release adds some great features along with a couple new pricing plans, so lets break it down… New Pricing Plans We’ve added two new pricing options in addition to the popular “Premium” plan. The new Professional and Enterprise plans, include up to 10 and 100 screens, respectively. In addition to more screens we’ve added more … Continue reading Custom Themes, Multiple Accounts and More in our Professional and Enterprise Plans

Updates to our Privacy Policy

Updates to our Privacy Policy DAKboard is updating its Privacy Policy as of May 25, 2018 to be in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Privacy is extremely important to us, which is why we’re ensuring that our policies continue to meet the high standard of the European data protection laws, and why … Continue reading Updates to our Privacy Policy

Multiple Screens Are Here!

Today we’re proud to introduce one of the most recently requested features: multiple screens per account! This allows you to setup different devices showing different content, all managed under a single DAKboard account. Next time you login to your DAKboard account, you’ll land on a “Screens” page with a list of all your screens. Users … Continue reading Multiple Screens Are Here!

Stock Quotes, External JSON Data, CPU Sale and More!

Another month and another set of awesome features we’re excited to tell you about! But first things first… The DAKboard CPU is on Sale Now through Mothers day (May 13), the DAKboard CPU is on sale for 20% off! It provides all the same great features as our Wall Display, but allows you to use your … Continue reading Stock Quotes, External JSON Data, CPU Sale and More!

Nest Integration, Live Video Feeds, Microsoft To-do and More!

Here at DAKboard HQ we’re always looking for ways to improve DAKboard as well as other useful and fun ways to use DAKboard. We’ve just released a few of these new and useful features, so lets get started! Nest Thermostat Integration DAKboard can display your Nest Thermostat information including target/ambient temperature, status, humidity and the … Continue reading Nest Integration, Live Video Feeds, Microsoft To-do and More!

Announcing DAKboard Custom Layouts!

Today we’re proud to announce that DAKboard now supports custom screen layouts! Create a completely custom and unique layout of all your content using our simple drag, drop and resizable “block” framework. As part of this custom layout, DAKboard now supports adding multiple blocks of the same type. So that means multiple clocks, multiple iFrames, multiple weather … Continue reading Announcing DAKboard Custom Layouts!

Video is Here! (And Other Exciting News)

First things first … DAKboard now supports video in the background, in addition to all the existing photo sources! We’ve added support for videos from YouTube and Vimeo with more in the works. These video sources are available in the DAKboard options, under the “Background” section. Busy, Busy, Busy! We’ve had an extremely busy and productive … Continue reading Video is Here! (And Other Exciting News)

Introducing: DAKboard Premium!

Upgrade to DAKboard Premium and get multiple calendar integrations, fast photo transitions, weather alerts and more! We’re proud to introduce DAKboard Premium. Premium builds on the existing DAKboard functionality and adds some great new features, including: Fast photo transitions (up to 5 seconds) Multiple calendars (including Google calendar, Apple calendar and more) Customizable calendar colors Multiple … Continue reading Introducing: DAKboard Premium!