DAKboard is out of Beta!

Today we’re proud to announce that the beta period is ending and we’re launching DAKboard as a service! Over the past year we’ve been busy fixing bugs, adding features and we received a lot of great feedback from the community. With that, we have a (growing!) backlog of features and integrations we hope to work on in the coming months.

How much will DAKboard cost?

Previously we had stated that once the beta period ends DAKboard will launch as a subscription service. However after some reevaluation and hearing feedback from the community, we are launching DAKboard as a FREE service!  All user accounts have been upgraded from “Beta Trial” to “Active”, and DAKboard will continue to be free to use.

We need your help!

While DAKboard will be a free service, there are still costs associated with hosting, licensing, and of course the time that our developers spend fixing bugs and adding features! So with that said we ask, that if you find DAKboard to be a useful service, you consider sharing the word on social media!


As always, thanks for your support! Feel free to contact us with any bugs or feature requests.

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