Stay Active With Our New Fitbit Integration

It’s not always easy to stay active, yet that’s exactly what’s required for a healthy body and mind. So our new Fitbit integration is here to help with a little extra motivation! Read on to learn how to use Fitbit with DAKboard.

A Little Healthy Competition

Competition can be a great motivator, and motivation is exactly what we need as many of us are stuck indoors as our healthcare professionals and many others are fighting against the coronavirus. So why not put you and your families daily step counts (and more!) from Fitbit up on DAKboard for everyone to see as a way to stay active:

How to Add Fitbit to DAKboard

Adding your Fitbit content to DAKboard is simple. First, authorize any/all the Fitbit accounts you wish to show on DAKboard under the App Authorizations section. Click the Add button, and select Fitbit from the list.

Now, add a Fitbit/Health block to your custom screen:

Next, edit the new block, select the desired Fitbit account to show, and also select the data points to show on DAKboard:

Save your changes and preview your screen to see your Fitbit data up on DAKboard:

A Note About Sizing

DAKboard will automatically orient the Fitbit gauges horizontally or vertically based on the size of the block. And the gauges themselves will resize to fill up the entire size of the block. So if the gauges are too small, or to large, try resizing the block smaller or larger for a better size.


We hope you find this functionality in DAKboard useful. If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to post a comment below or check out our support page for more information.

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