Google Photos, Monthly Calendar Added!

Google Photos Added!

DAKboard now supports displaying photos from Google Photos! Open the DAKboard options, head to the photo section and select “Google” as the photo source. Click the Authorize button and then select an album to display photos from.

We’re also looking for suggestions on what other photo sources you’d like to see. Let us know in the comments below!

Monthly Calendar View

By popular demand, we’ve added a monthly calendar view! In the DAKboard options, under the Calendar section, select “Monthly” for the Calendar Type setting.

Other New Stuff

In addition to the Google Photos integration and monthly calendar view, we’ve added a few other smaller features:

  • Unique colors per calendar. In the calendar options, each calendar can now be given a unique color. This is a great way to distinguish what events are from which calendar!
  • Calendar validation. When adding a new calendar, DAKboard automatically validates the calendar to make sure it’s accessible.


Thanks for using DAKboard! And don’t forget, we have our Wall Display available in the shop! As always, feel free to contact us with any problems, comments or suggestions!

51 thoughts on “Google Photos, Monthly Calendar Added!

  1. How often does Dakboard update the calendar display? Also, I notice a multi day event in Google Calendar only shows up on the beginning day on the Dakboard display. It would be great if the could be fixed.

    Overall, NICE JOB!

      1. Any progress on the multi day bug? Also do you know how to get unicode emoji support on the pi, so that emoji show on calendar entries (they do on web etc).

  2. I know if you add Google Calendar via HTML you can press P and N to change the view to different months. Is there a way to change the view of the calendar to view the previous and next month? If not currently would if be a possible option for the future? Also just want to say thank you for such an awesome product!!

    1. Hi Jeremy, there’s no way to do that currently, but it’s definitely something we could add in the future. I’ll add it to our feature request backlog. Thanks!

    2. Is there a way to show previous weeks? For example if we are half way through May…I also want to see the beginning of May. I hope I am overlooking something and this is already a possible function!

  3. Google Photos is a great addition. Within my personal photos I did a search for DARK images and created an album for them. Now all the white lettering really stand out against sunsets, fireworks, campfires, etc.

    Such a classy looking and easy to setup application!

  4. I’ve noticed that the photos from Google Photo album are taken in a random circle, and some are visualized more than other. Can you make possible to choice if a random or by date view is preferred?
    Very great job, for all!! Now, my application…
    I’ve made a 10″ photo frame for home use (change the google photk album from the smartphone in the same pave without interaction with the frame, only plug in the usb supply). Next step will be to add a RemotePi board to boot and shut down properly the frame (now I’m doing the shut down via ssh with smartphone).
    Another upgrade will be to manage the Dakboard menu via remote with support of the RemotePi!
    Some interesting ideas, yeah?

  5. I spent quite some time trying to find an easy way to show family calendar and photos on a tablet I had lying around and then I found this. It is exactly what I wanted. Great job!

    Google photos work otherwise great but there’s something strange with shared albums. Could you have a look?

      1. I would like to add a second to the request for OneDrive access like Dropbox. I have more stuff there but I am currently using my old Dropbox account to make this work.

        Also, love what you all have developed!!

  6. I am curious about the choice of portrait orientation. Is it possible to put this device into landscape orientation? I also presume that it’s possible to select which elements are displayed…like if I don’t want weather or calendar can I turn them off?

    1. Hi Glenn, yes, it’s possible to put it into landscape orientation. And you’re correct about turning off elements you don’t want. Everything can be turned off/on.

  7. Hi Dan,

    Firstly – great App – Its the project that will finally get me to something useful with a Pi 🙂

    I have got Dakboard successfully using Photos but is it possible to add a google calendar without making that calendar ‘public’ ?


      1. Hi Dan,

        Thanks for the swift reply – Argh, I should have known that 🙂

        Just tried again and I know why I had an issue, the ‘family’ calendar that has been shared with me was set up by someone else, so when I go to settings Calendar address – I only see the ‘public’ option with the recommendation to make public.

        It works just fine on my own calendar – so I just need to get the Private ICal link off them for that calendar

        Thanks for your help!

  8. Can you add the option for shared albums on google photos? It would be great if I could create a shared album anyone in my family could add photos too and have them appear.

    1. Hi Jason,

      We would love to add that, but unfortunately Google does not provide a way to do that using their API. You can do something similar using Dropbox or Flickr however.

  9. Great App…. truly you have made a simple solution to a need that is more and more in demand. The demand is still a latent demand but more and more people are realizing that more photos equals to less viewing due to the vast amount of them.

    I have had a RPI and 32 inch screen for several years now. I only have photo presentation for my home(NAS and Ondrive and Google pics) and a motiondetection device attached to turn the screen off when noone is around. My programming skills are very low so my solution was more scriptbased on static values witch works but are not as configurable as your system. Grats on that!!!!! Very good job!

    My suggestions are:
    Motiondetection for further lowering the energy usage and because Scheduleing is very static. You still want the full use of the photopresentation if you are homebound.

    Local shares would be nice to have as a feature.

    Onedrive as many others have mentioned.(i see you already have that on Github….)

    Randomizing Pictures on any given platform is a must.

    Logg on how many times a Picture has been displayed from a given source would be nice for those that want a broad view of all their Pictures.

    well again very good job in creating this easy usage tool.

  10. Forgot one new feature suggestion:
    Chromecast/AIR/MIRACAST support to temporarily take over the display to send som pics/video.

  11. GREAT program. I’d probably order your montor setup, but one thing keeps me from it. I can’t go advance to other months (or view previous months) in the calendar. Will this be added soon?

  12. Has anyone else had any issues with the only Google Photo albums not showing up to select? I only see “Recent Uploads” and “Auto Backups” even though there are other shared albums on my account.

    1. Yeah, I actually just noticed support commented that Google API does not allow to do this.

      So, now, if you own an album and someone adds photos to it, these will not display on Dakboard. Also if someone shared an album with you this album will not show as an option in Dakboard.

      Hopefully Google will add that functionality some day…

  13. Can the Month view of Google calendar be made not transparent? With older eyes, it makes the calendar entries hard to see over a photo at times.

  14. Is there any way to get a legend for the colors on the calendar? We have 4 different personal calendars listed (using different colors for each), and it is hard to remember who belongs to each color.

    1. Hi Grant, There’s not currently, but we do plan on adding an option to display an indicator next to each event. (Possibly the first letter of the calendar name)

  15. How often does GooglePhoto update its database?
    I am trying to build a Slideshow and new pictures are only inserted when I change the database to something else and switch it back to GooglePhotos. Is there any way to make it update by itself (more often) ?

    1. Hi Markus, the Google photos cache is updated every two hours, and also when you save any changes on the photos page.

  16. Any way to crop the photos to not overlay the calendar? It would be nice to have the calendar items not shown over the picture.

    Also what picture formats can DAKboard display? PDF’s?, GIF?

    1. Hi Shawn, you can choose to use the “Big Calendar” layout as this does not overlay the calendar on photos. Also, it can display images in JPG, PNG and GIF format.

  17. Hi,

    Is there any plan to introduce a mechanism to change which month you are viewing, as per a normal calendar? i.e. Forward or back 1 month?


    1. +1 on this request.

      Apart from general browsing of months as someone has asked you when you’re available for something, it would just be nice that when it’s in the last week of the month to be able to see the next month at the push of a button…

  18. Hi, I just purchased Dakboard. I’m hoping you will enable an option to display content from MULTIPLE Google Photo Albums. I have too many albums and I can’t choose just 1.

  19. Would love to see option to display photos via SmugMug photo service and another option to display photos from home NAS server via protocol like WEBDAV.

  20. I saw this question asked in 2016 – Has there been any update on how to show previous month and next month calendars within the calendar display?

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