Use DAKboard on your Tablet!

Introducing DAKboard’s new “Mobile/Tablet” layout!

The new layout is optimized for smaller screens like tablets in the popular 7-10 inch range. We’ve taken the time, calendar and to-do lists and put them all in a single column that can occupy the full width of the screen. The weather has been simplified, only showing the daily high temperature. Lastly, the RSS feed has been moved to the bottom, and only occupies a maximum height of two lines. All of the sections are still configurable, and can be enabled/disabled in the options.

All of this combines to create a simplified display that looks great on smaller devices!

Get it on Google Play

To use the new layout, in the DAKboard options, navigate to “Screen”, and select the “Mobile/Tablet” option. We hope you find this useful! As always, let us know if you have any comments or suggestions!

18 thoughts on “Use DAKboard on your Tablet!

  1. This is awesome! I appreciated you making a separate layout for me and my tablet, but then following it up with an app? So awesome. My hacked together idea of the fullscreen browser+DAKboard page was working fine, but I love the idea of the all in one. And on the Amazon Store opens the use to the cheap Fire tablets.

    Once again, much appreciated!

  2. Is there any way to automatically start things when the tablet starts? Right now I have to click on the program icon, then click on the VERY small link on the new user login window for existing users, and then type in my user ID and password. Painful.

    1. Yes, a couple of apps can be installed on an Android device that will auto start an app, and keep the screen from turning off.

      One is called “Startup Manager” and can installed and configured to open a specified app at startup (in this case, DAKboard).

      The second app you’d want is called “Stay Alive!” and will keep the screen on and prevents power- saving settings from turning off the screen.

      Hopefully that helps!

  3. I need some more information to figure out if this will work for me. i am looking for a standalone screen (like a digital photo frame) where i can have my calender displayed with my own photos in the background. The 24″ one is too big for me. What are my options? Also, will dakboard sync with outlook calendar?

    Cheers, isabel

  4. DAKboard is almost exactly what I have been looking for to keep my 2 college kids’ schedules synced with the family and viewable at-a-glance – just like the old-school wall calendars used to do. BUT – the lack of an iOS app in 2018 is mind-boggling. Is there an intention to add an iOS app? When?

  5. I’m using a 10″ tablet with Fully Kiosk Browser. Sometimes the DAKBoard comes up ‘zoomed in’, so you can’t view the full screen without pinching out. What are the settings to avoid this?

  6. I’ve tried your Dakboard for my Samsung Smartthing. I don’t think I can “click” my virtual buttons. So far I have used Actionstitles but would like to take a look at your solution.
    Is your solution not “clickable”?

    1. Hi Henrick, they’re not clickable yet, but we do have a feature request open for this. We’re estimating early 2020 for this functionality.

  7. I have been searching a calendar like this for my phone ages. There is nothing else like this in play store. Only problem is all the layouts are too big for my screen. Really wish you would make one for simply phones.

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