DAKboard Does RSS!

DAKboard Does RSS!

By popular demand, we’ve recently added support for RSS feeds! DAKboard can now display headlines in a news-ticker style right along with your calendar, weather and beautiful photographs! To add a RSS feed: login to your DAKboard, click the gear icon in the upper right to access DAKboard options and click “RSS” in the left nav. From here, just check “enable”, paste in your favorite feed URL and enjoy!

New Photo Sources!

DAKboard now supports displaying photos from Instagram and 500px! Open the DAKboard options, head to the photo section and select the photo source of your desire! You don’t need an Instagram or 500px account to view photos from either¬†source.

Supported photo sources:

Custom URL





We’re also looking for suggestions on what other photo sources you’d like to see. Let us know in the comments below!

And Other New Features

Along with RSS feed support we’ve added a few other smaller features!

  • Customizable font sizes. In the DAKboard options, under “General” you’ll see the new “Font Size” dropdown. Select whatever font size looks best on your display!
  • Analog clock. Want to display an elegant analog clock instead of the digital one? No problem! In the DAKboard options, under “Date/Time” you’ll see a new “Clock Type” option.



Thanks again for all your support, and we hope you’re enjoying DAKboard!

13 thoughts on “DAKboard Does RSS!

    1. Hi Stephen, we haven’t considered supporting photo RSS feeds. Do you have a specific site in mind that offers photos through an RSS feed? Let us know and we can look into it. Thanks!

          1. Hi Aman, we’re working on a custom CSS feature which will allow customizations like this. This will hopefully be rolling out in the next month or two!

          2. Any updates on this? I’ve been using dakboard for a while on a few old tablets; I love it, but I’d really like to see my own pictures (running a Gallery3 server).

  1. Any dev plans in the future to support clickable rss feed headlines? Thinking if a story comes up that is interesting, you could click and open a webpage with the story?

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