Summer Update

Even though summer vacation is here, we’re still hard at work in DAKboard land. We’ve been busy adding features, fixing bugs and fulfilling orders for our DAKboard Wall Display and DAKboard CPU. Here’s the highlights from the past couple months…

New Screen Configuration: Big Calendar

This one has been on our landing page for a bit, but we haven’t officially announced it … until now! The “Big Calendar” screen configuration features everything that makes DAKboard great: weather, calendar, time and photos, with a big emphasis on the calendar. It works with both portrait and landscape screens and is perfect for anyone looking to use DAKboard as a digital wall calendar or electronic calendar!



Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes

We’ve Upgraded the DropBox API and added WebHooks. WebHooks allow us to refresh the cache whenever the contents of your DropBox have changed. This means as soon as you add or remove a photo DAKboard can show it!

We’ve added the option to display up to 12 weeks on the monthly calendar view. Choose this under the Calendar settings in the DAKboard options.

We’ve also added a few more language options. If you’d like any other translations, please let us know!


A big thanks to everyone for using DAKboard! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions, concerns, feedback etc.!

22 thoughts on “Summer Update

  1. Dig the new big calendar layout. Keep it up! Any fix for photos only rotating between three or four pictures (hosted on dropbox)?

    1. Thanks John! DAKboard should randomly show all photos in your specified Dropbox folder. If you’re only three or four (and you have a lot more in the folder), send us an email with your account information and we can look into it.

  2. Hi guys – love the dakboard – just set one up at my school to stream photos from flickr – is there any way to have more than 1 dakboard per account or if I wanted more with different settings would I need to register new accounts for each one?

    1. Hi Rich, glad you’re liking it! You can have multiple displays on the same account with the same settings by using the private url. If you want different settings, you’ll need to create additional accounts. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi John, it’s not specifically compatible, but let us know what kind of integration and/or uses you’d be looking for and we can look into it. Thanks!

  3. Is there any plans to integrate notifications to display on the screen.. and that it can be compatible through a service like IFTTT and home assistant

    I recently put one together and I love it thank you

    1. Hi Scott, that’s something we’ve wanted to implement for a while. We’re collecting use cases and making sure there’s enough demand for that currently. Would you mind letting us know what notifications you’d like to see? (Either here, or via email). Thanks!

  4. Is there any chance that we can have an image overlay option. We would like to put our logo on the dakboard screen over all of the images.

    I would see it as a separate option that you can:
    • Select the logo file, jpg, png, gif(??)
    • Select a location, Top Left, Top right, Bottom right, bottom left. (maybe the centers too, Top center, center center etc??)
    • Size Small, Medium, Large, (custom??)

    Then it overlays over top of all of the elements on the screen.

    Something that I think would be really useful and hopefully simple to implement.


    Joe Hall

  5. Hi

    I bought a dakboard from you a few weeks ago, and it’s become part of household life – I have calendar, todo (from Wunderlist) and lots of RSS feeds.

    I have my screen in ‘top/bottom’ in vertical orientation, which works best for me. One nag I do have though is if the rss fees has multiple lines it can overlap with the todo list, even if there’s lots of room below the rss before the weather along the bottom.

    Is there any chance of moving the centre point of the rss down, or making it flow properly?



  6. Our family loves dakboard, and I really appreciated your step by step blog…

    We’re using it to coordinate schedules across 4 kids, but the best use so far has been the RSS feeds.. We have 12 teachers with feeds, and having it on screen has been tremendous.

    Is there a way that I can display the feed nickname I gave it, so I know which kid/subject it came from? Also, is there a way to filter out old posts??

    1. Hi Steve, DAKboard can only play video in the form of .gif files. So, yes, if you put a .gif file in dropbox, it will play it.

  7. I love the interface. The only thing holding me back from using this is having to make my calendar public in order to import it into dakboard. It would be great to have a login to google calendar option. Thanks!

      1. How do I login to google to access the calendar then? The instructions seem to indicate the calendar will have to be publicly accessible to get an iCal URL.

  8. I will have my display in the kitchen. There may be times when I would like to use the display to show a recipe from Pinterest.
    I have a bluetooth mini keyboard and would like to be able to switch between Pinterest (either through the app or browser) and the display without going into the terminal and remembering the coding to put in and take out.
    Is that a possibility?

    1. Yes, this is possible. You could use your keyboard to bring up a new browser tab or browser window. From there you can navigate to Pinterest (or wherever). When you’re done just close your tab or window and you’ll be back at DAKboard.

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