Introducing: DAKboard Premium!

Upgrade to DAKboard Premium and get multiple calendar integrations, fast photo transitions, weather alerts and more!

We’re proud to introduce DAKboard Premium. Premium builds on the existing DAKboard functionality and adds some great new features, including:

  • Fast photo transitions (up to 5 seconds)
  • Multiple calendars (including Google calendar, Apple calendar and more)
  • Customizable calendar colors
  • Multiple news (RSS) feeds
  • Weather alerts
  • Custom messages

For more details on the new DAKboard Premium:
Check out DAKboard Premium

DAKboard Premium was created to allow us to continue to develop and support DAKboard. Your support (by upgrading to Premium) makes DAKboard sustainable and allows us to continue to add features!

The Free version of DAKboard

The Free version still exists, and will always exist. We’re believers in the tiered approach with a free version accessible to all, and a paid version for those who want the enhancements.

Lots More Planned for Premium

This is the initial release and we have lots more planned for DAKboard Premium. Over the next several months we’ll be working to bring more features to Premium. Have an idea to suggest, or want to see what’s in the works? Head over to our GitHub list and take a look!

 Thanks For Your Support!

We hope that you enjoy DAKboard and find DAKboard Premium a useful and valuable service. If you do, we would greatly appreciate your support by choosing to upgrade to Premium.

Head over to our Premium page for the full feature list and be sure to upgrade today to lock in our special launch pricing!

Check out DAKboard Premium

15 thoughts on “Introducing: DAKboard Premium!

  1. Hi Dan,

    Thank you for your great work? When will this be active?

    I’m using DAKboard now for my family planner (6 calendars in Google) and I’d like to know if I’ll be forced to upgrade and when?

    I’m not sorry for the weather alerts moving to Premium since the message is still not displayed correctly in my region.

    That the request I’ve made to use multiple colors in the calendars is being implemented is nice to see.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Arko, Premium is active now and we’ve upgraded everyones account to a Premium Trial. The trial will expires October 1 unless you decide to upgrade. Hope that helps! Thanks.

  2. I’m happy to support you but I’m weary of subscriptions. I feel like I’m being “subscribed to death” with all the subscriptions I am pushed into. Any chance there will be a lifetime subscription made available? I wouldn’t mind paying upfront so I don’t have to deal with the monthly or annual payments.

  3. I love this calendar app! Could you consider integrating a holiday calendar and maybe some options for religious holiday calendars? There are several available for Google Calendar, but they do not publish their private ical URLs and therefore I can’t add one (any) to my Dakboard. Help please!

  4. Are there any plans to integrate Cozi calendar into the service? We already use it, and would love to have a hub we can all see with the color coding carrying over instead of starting over with a new calendar system. Thanks!

  5. Would you consider adding another tier of service between that of the free and premium plans? I am willing to pay for some of the “premium” features, but it is too expensive for my use case as a subscription service. Maybe you should consider the option of a lifetime license for a single board with all (or some) of the current premium features (without expectation of future features)? I think you have priced yourself out of a large potential customer base.

  6. Hi. I am getting ready to buy the CPU and see there is a free trial for 6 months. How much is the premium plan. And is there a good, better, best plan?

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