Fun With Fonts, Screen Switcher and Screenshots

Fall is almost here at DAKboard HQ. The relentless summer heat is fading, the leaves are changing and we’re working harder than ever to bring you new features! So lets take a look at some of these that were just released.

Add a Custom Font to your Screen

March, 2020 update – We’ve added an easier way to add fonts to your custom screens. Learn more in the new blog article

Google Fonts is a great place to find free fonts that work with DAKboard. Using the Custom Styles feature in DAKboard, it’s simple to change the font on your screen. Head over to, browse and find a desirable font. Here’s the process:


  1. Click the “plus” icon to add the font to your selected font tray at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click this, then click the “@IMPORT” tab and copy the @import line and paste that into DAKboard under the screen settings in the Custom Styles field.
  3. Next copy the font-family line back on Google Fonts.
  4. Back in DAKboard, on a new line type “body {” then paste in your font, and add a closing bracket: “}”.

It should look like this when complete:

@import url('');
body { font-family: 'Lobster Two', cursive; }

And your screen will have a nice new font:


(We used the Montserrat font for the image at the top of this article)

Screen Switcher

This is arguably not the most exciting name for a feature, but it adds a lot of flexibility to DAKboard. It allows you to specify what screen is showing on your display (or TV, monitor etc.) right from within the DAKboard settings. And it’s as simple as this:


So for example, you’re having a party and don’t want your guests to see your entire calendar. No problem, just switch the screen to another that’s more party-friendly.

Or say you have a special guest visiting the office and would like to welcome them with a new screen layout. Easy! Just switch the screen in the DAKboard settings and your welcome board will begin showing the newly assigned screen!

We have a support article for updating your existing DAKboard devices to use this new feature here. Any newly registered devices will already take advantage of this.

Screenshots and Other Updates


We’ve released an update that allows you to get a quick glance of what your screens look like from within your DAKboard account:


Click the ellipsis at the bottom of each screen, and choose “Refresh Screenshot” to update the screenshot image. (The screenshot will also update automatically when using the following feature)

Send Changes to Display

You’ll also notice a new button in the Custom Screen editor called “Send changes to Display”. With the addition of this, all displays (Wall Displays, TVs, monitors etc) showing your DAKboard custom screen will only refresh their design/layout when the button is pushed.

And a few more minor updates:

  • Customizable font size and color for the Weather block
  • Bearer Token authentication for the JSON block


We hope you’ll enjoy these latest features. And as always, please feel free to contact us with any comments, problems or questions!

14 thoughts on “Fun With Fonts, Screen Switcher and Screenshots

  1. Dan,

    There seems to be an inconsistency between the text version of the custom font instructions, the “it should look like when complete” section is missing the “{” on the Body line.


  2. Hello… I’m loving all of the back end features that make it easier to tweak screens and swap screens on devices. Having said that, it really would be lovely to have an easy, quick way to actually get into the settings of my account/devices/screens with an app. A lot of times, I am not necessarily near a computer and while you can certainly log in through the browser on a mobile device, an app that quickly allows you to toggle on/off settings and/or create/edit screens would be handy. Is there any thought at all to an iOS app?

    1. Hi Kyle, we do have an iOS app on our roadmap, however I don’t have a date for you. In the meantime I’d recommend saving the DAKboard website to your homescreen. Using the Safari browser on your iOS device, click the export/share icon and choose “Save to Home Screen”. You can then access your settings anytime and the browser will open up fullscreen just like an app. Hope that helps!

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