Spotify, Twitter and Reddit Integrations Added!

It’s been a long time coming, and we’ve finally added some great social media integrations!

Spotify on DAKboard

We’ve added an integration for Spotify and your currently playing track info and artwork can be shown on DAKboard:


Add a new Audio (Spotify) block on a custom screen, edit it and link your Spotify account and enjoy your currently playing track info up on DAKboard!

We’re working on previous, play/pause, next functionality and hope to have this released soon.

Twitter on DAKboard

You can now view a Twitter feed or Twitter list on DAKboard. Just add a Twitter block to your custom screen and enter a Twitter username, or list URL. Save your changes and you’ll see the feed on your screen.


You can select a dark theme (shown above) or a light theme in the settings. The feed is also scrollable, so if you’re using this on a touchscreen or computer, you can scroll down to browse more tweets!

Reddit Photos on DAKboard

Reddit is a lesser known social media site, and is one of the sites that helped DAKboard gain some traction early on (thanks Reddit!). And on Reddit, there’s lots of groups (aka subreddits) that curate some awesome photos. With the new Reddit integration, you can now enter a subreddit name, and see those photos up on DAKboard. Just add a “Reddit” photo block to your custom screen, and enter a subreddit name in the block settings:


Save your changes and enjoy some awesome photos on DAKboard!

Content Scheduling

All of these new integrations can be scheduled to be shown or hidden at various times of the day or various days of the week with our new content scheduling functionality. Learn more about content scheduling in our previous blog post.


We hope you’ll enjoy these latest features. And as always, please feel free to contact us with any comments, problems or questions!

4 thoughts on “Spotify, Twitter and Reddit Integrations Added!

  1. You guys really outta get a forum for your web page. Currently there is no where users can go to chat or to discuss ideas or look for help.

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