Package Tracking, Remote Text Block Updates and More!

In the latest DAKboard release, we have some great features for you! With the holidays just around the corner we released a new Package Tracking block for your display. Keep track of packages you have coming to your house, business, or shipped to customers.

Add A Package Tracking Block

Package tracking blocks are easy to setup, and now available as a block for your custom screen. Click the “Add a Block” button at the top of your custom screen , and select “Package Tracking”:

Add a tracking number, or multiples:

Save your changes and preview:

Remote Updates Text Block with QR Code

Have you ever wanted to remotely update a note on a screen, or simply change the text of a screen on demand? The DAKboard team has a solution. Now as a Plus and Pro DAKboard subscriber you can now add a Text block configured for updating content on the fly via link or QR code generated by the block!

Click the “Add a Block” button at the top of your custom screen, and select “Text”:

Add your initial text. Then click “Allow remote updates”:

Copy the link to update remotely, or scan the QR code.
Recommend: Add a bookmark to the pasted link, for quick editing in the future.

Android App Default Screen

For the Android App users, we have added a default screen assignment. This will allow you to configure a custom screen so that when the app is started, it will display your custom screen each time. This feature can be used for any custom screen, or to simply display the predefined screen. You can access it from the Account page in the “Defaults” tab like shown below:

Additional Updates and New Features

  • Add a secondary block background color for gradient
  • Auto scrolling for the ToDo block
  • Welcome modal and user defaults

Follow along with all our updates and see more details here:


We hope you’ll enjoy these latest features. If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to post a comment below or check out our support page for more information.

One thought on “Package Tracking, Remote Text Block Updates and More!

  1. LOVE the text update, thank you so much! Looks flexible, so we can use IFTTT or Apple Shortcuts (or a command line or whatever) to drive updates. SUPER powerful!

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