DAKboard Adds To-Do Lists!

Stay on task with DAKboard!

By popular demand we’ve added to-do list integration with Wunderlist! Login to DAKboard, go to the options (gear icon) and you’ll see the new “To-Do List” option. Connect your Wunderlist account (or signup for free!) and choose which list you’d like DAKboard to display.

Additional Features and Tracking

In addition to the to-do lists, we’ve added several other features:

  • Display calendar event end times
  • Display calendar event locations
  • Integration with Bing’s photo of the day

We began to utilize GitHub to track these features and requests and everyone is welcome to view and contribute.


As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or comments!

26 thoughts on “DAKboard Adds To-Do Lists!

  1. Awesome. Was just waiting for it. Noticed that it is showing completed tasks as if they were not completed yet. Would also be great to show who the task is assigned to.

    Also would like to have the list refresh every few minutes. Right now it looks like only the picture refreshed.

    1. Hi Michael, the to-do lists refresh every 15 minutes, so it may not immediately hide a completed task. I’ll see about increasing that refresh rate. Showing assigned users is a good idea. I’ll add it to our feature request list on GitHub. Thanks!

      1. Noticed that the order of the list does not match the one shown in Wunderlist. Would be great to have it controlled or select an order. Eg. Starred first, then order by date, then the ones not starred and without a due date.

        Also, you might consider adjusting the layout of the list. In most cases I had overlapping text of calendar and wunderlist. E.g. Calendar column, List column and then weather on the right. Maybe use Column layout for landscape and row layout for portrait.

        1. I agree about the sorting, I’ll open a request for that on GitHub. I’ll take a look at the layout as well. Thanks again!

  2. To do lists so far are very promising! Thank you! Looking to hear how this can be extended to show multiple to do lists at same time?

    Use case: Current lists currently on fridge:
    1) Show running Grocery List
    2) Show several kids Chore List
    3) Show my own Chore list


  3. Glad to see more features! Would really like to be able to use multiple photo sources together such as instagram and Flickr.

  4. I primarily use mine as a second screen in my office to view upcoming calendar appointments. The problem is I also use Calendly so people can schedule appointments at any time. But DAKboard doesn’t refresh my agenda which is a huge problem.

    Any workarounds? If I can’t get my agenda updated relatively realtime it’s sort of pointless for my application.

    1. Hi Derrick, the calendar refreshes hourly. We understand that some may like a faster refresh and we’re working on that! We’re hoping to release an update that allows a selectable refresh time. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for putting together a great package! Is there an effort to allow incorporating GPIO inputs for task accomplishment or calendar switching?

  6. Is there any plans to add similar products? There are two prompts for this question. The first is that Wunderlist is at some point going to be shuttered by Microsoft, and the second is that I am not currently a Wunderlist user. (It’s all about me. 🙂 )
    I have heard that Google Keep has no way to be integrated into other products, but I wondered about Google Tasks, or some other such app.
    Regardless, thanks for what you do, and the open way you share your product!

    1. Hi Grant, Yes we’ll be adding Microsoft’s To-Do if they allow access. If not, we’ll be adding integration with Todoist. Thanks.

  7. I am using the large calendar in portrait mode. I just added wunderlist to my options but I don’t see it on the page. Is there a way to add this to the large calendar?

    1. Hi Mark,

      The to-do’s are not a part of the “Big Calendar” layout currently. We may add to-do’s to that layout in the future. In the meantime, if you want to use the to-do’s you’ll need to select one of the other layouts. Thanks!

  8. On my ToDoist list my due dates are for the next day. So if the task is due today on the DakBoard it says tomorrow. Any idea why?

    1. sorry, I mean is it fully implemented? I have not purchase Dakboard yet, but I use todoist and that would be helpful if it was fully implemented.

  9. I don’t see any way to display only those To Do list items due today using Wunderlist. You only have the option to sync your Inbox or a custom list. The app ToDolist has this option, but lacks other functionality that Wunderlist offers.

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